A year aboard S/V Harmony

N 30° 40' W 81° 28'

Port Royal SC to Fernandina Beach FL

November 16, 2009

We left the marina as planned! the heater part arrived and we set off at 10.30 am. Out to sea or rather the great atlantic ocean:


It is hard to believe how calm it was. It didn’t stay quite that calm later, and we spotted a flare and called into the coast guard.

AT sunset a pod of dolpins surrounded harmony, loads of them, and I got a few good photos while dickie was snoozing below.  After midnight we crossed a shipping lane and spotted lots of traffiic, lights blinking in the darkness, and then the fog appeared and it was all eyes on deck, thank goodness for the radar.  Made it into fernandina beach by 10 am, fueled up and grabbed a mooring ball and crashed…. Florida at last.  893 miles from Norfolk VA, and about 1500 miles from cape cod; key west about 350 miles. we have come a long way.

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