A year aboard S/V Harmony

N 32° 23' W 80° 40'

Dewes Creek to Port Royal SC

November 08, 2009

On and on south we go.  I tried to catch the dolphins on the video from up on the bow and managed to but only just about, they just wont cooperate so pay attention or you will miss them:

We crossed Charleston Harbor without stopping this time, as we had a rendezvous with our mail at a marina in Port Royal SC.  The rest of the day was uneventful and we dropped anchor as the sun was setting in the mouth of Bull River, off the Coosaw river about 20 miles north of Port Royal.

We arrived at Port Royal Landing Marina by midday and had a rough docking as the currents run through the marina, which is on the Beaufort River, very fast.  We have heard many times that in boating, you are either being entertained or you are the entertainment, and that day we were definately the entertainment.  When we eventually tied up we needed food and a beer, so we borrowed the courtesy truck and drove into Beaufort, a lovely historic town with a riverfront park and classic southern style houses with wide porches and big old oak trees draped in spanish moss.  Our friend the Hooligan was also at the marina so we caught up with his news over lunch.  He left the next day and we stayed put to catch up on a few chores and replenish the ship’s stores. 

The marina is family run and the staff are super friendly and helpful, great facilities, a truck we can use for free and a boat US discount as well so we are paying $54/night (or $1.50/ft of boat length).  We had planned to leave after 2 nights but the remnants of hurricane Ida came through with lots of rain and 20-30 knot winds blowing, so we were happy to be tied up at the dock for 2 more nights.  We heard that if you stay 5 nights, the marina gives you 2 nights free, but we decided that we should really get under way, so the next day, even though it was still a bit windy and cold when we woke up we got ready to go, but to take the chill off we turned on the heat.  Almost immediately the fan sounded funny and then there was a burning smell, so we switched it off quick, and discovered a large fuse had blown and needed replacing.  We called around locally but the part had to be ordered from the manufacturer, and couldn’t get here until monday (tomorrow). So we had to stay put, darn it, the upside being that we would be able to take advantage of the 2 free nights stay and also we would be able to attend the customer appreciation party on saturday night.

We have got a lot done in the meantime, and discovered another problem, a propane leak which we dickie fixed. Currently the running joke amongst the marina staff and locals is that we will still be here for thanksgiving or christmas; we wouldn’t be the first boater to come for one night and stay for a year, but we really are going to leave tomorrow as soon as the fuse arrives…..  So watch this space!



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