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Masts down

July 02, 2009

Last night we took the boat round to have the masts lowered and were surprised and delighted when everyone turned out to help.

Fraser nudged our beamy lady in to the cut between the other boats to put her under the crane and the lads all mucked in to help, removing seizing wire, loosening bottle screws, taking off the booms (lots of muffled curses about split pins at this point!) and manhandled the mizzen down.

Then the eldely crane cranked into life with a cough and a splutter and Mick climbed the mast to place the strops below the spreaders (mast steps can be a mixed blessing: if they weren’t there he wouldn’t have needed to go up the mast…).  He told me later he doesn’t much like heights.

At last both masts were down and stowed on the boat andwe even got the mizzen on too.  Happy days.

With the dinghy slung in her davits, there isn’t too much overhang at the back, we’ll just have to watch the VHF aerial sticking out the front in the locks…

Mick lent us a load of extra charts and pilots with his own comments about places where a Southerly can get to with her flexible draft (he has one too) and an up to date almanac.  He also gave us loads of good advice.  Still can’t believe how lucky we are to have such great folks just around the corner from us.  Could never have done it without them all.

Feels like the holiday has really started now.  Only 2 days to go…

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