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July 23, 2010

We are back  in Fethiye at Yacht Classic and have been treated to the sighting of the Carretta Carretta Turles again…

We have enjoyed the Hammam also again. This is a lovely experience when done in a more boutique surrounding… It was just the two of us again… You go in this Huge Marble room with seating around the side and all wonderful Turkish tiling and other decorations around…After 10mins we are joined by our respective Hammam workers. Woman for me and Man for Baz. They then go about scrubbing you with these special mitts that grab all you old skin and turn it into dirty rolls of dead skin.. This then is washed off and you are given a foam wash. This consists of an aparatus that makes huge bubbles that float all over you, a head wash and scrub and you are all clean! There was a special where you also can recieve an oil massage (of course we indulged) Unfortunately it was a different lady from last time and she was only adequate…. All in all still nice

We had two extraordinary experiences here this time… One was a Turkish/English wedding.. Very interesting watching the english girls done up in there finery mixed with the beautiful Turkish women in there headscarves..The other was as we were sitting having a lunch a very round belly man waddled down the jetty with 2 big bags in his hands just as I went to look away i realised that there were DUCKS in each of the bags and one had fallen out… He scrambled with the help of others to get them put back in and then we were given the story behind it…. He comes here all the time and found one of these ducks last year as a duckling, decided to keep it as a pet and now this year has a friend for it! He has a babies pool on the deck of his boat and a shade covering it.. They tell us that he takes them for a walk daily and a big swim in the ocean…. we are never shocked anymore by what we see!!!!

The sunsail charters are all coming in today so that is our cue to leave… We will go to a bay at anchor tomorrow

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jac July 24, 2010 at 01:26 PM

Hi baz & Leonie

How are you both i have just been admiring you photos and reading you messages, here with mum. they all look beautiful and sound lovely.

I am sure it is also nice an warm, though a little to chilly here. We are all well and hear you are back in Oz soon ?

Happy sailing, and look forward to seeing you both soon

Love Jacque & Jenny and family xxxxxx

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