Bella Sogni

N 36° 38' E 28° 02'

Cold Water Bay

July 18, 2010

We have arrived back into cold water bay and chosen the little anchorage again. Lucky enough we are the third 4th boat in.. There are two gullets that have decided to drop there anchors diagonally across the bay making it very difficult to drop ours without crossing.. After one attempt the master of sailing managed it… He is pretty bloody good even after the op!

The gullets left and in return we had another then 2 charter boats full of some pretty useless Aussies..

As usual Sonja and mr george came and saw us. we purchased our daily bread from them and a Magnum for Baz.

I walked up to Kayakoy again and decided to walk onto Oludeniz. it was a hot walk but really beautiful i had one great advantage point of our boat.. All the other boats around had left so was able to takes some snaps.

Dinner on the boat and a movie in the great outdoors.. we could hear the jealousy of the neighbours

Good swimming as usual on pebble beach!

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