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Back into Kalkan

July 17, 2010

Back into Kalkan harbour.. we visit our favourite resaurant FEZ again which was as good as before. we decide to give Illiayd restaurant a chance for breakfast as we have been saying to the hawker out the front that we would try……wahhhh wahhh wahhh this was terrible Barry ate none of his.. sausages raw bacon tastes like fish all in all bad

There is a strange misty cloud that is hanging over Kalkan the locals say this is very unusual??? with this brings the awful humidity so we resort to our wonderful airconditioning ahhh…. heaven………

We have decided to give another restaurant a chance and the Old English Tavern is getting our patronage.. We have watched each night as we sit in Fez their terrace fill up… The English Tavern sits above Fez so we are able to watch our favourite. we are not dissapointed the food is great here… I believe i heard Barry said his meal of Duck Shanks was the best he had had in Turkey? maybe

We did a bit of shopping.. A hand painted plate, some towels and the whirling dervishes that Baz loves.. In amongst all the shopping is the many cats


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