Ionian to the Aegean May 2009

N 37° 37' E 23° 35'

Arround Poros 2

May 29, 2009

Once we clear the end of Poros we tack and slip between Poros and a little islet of the east coast.

Peter decides to get his cruising chute out has to consult one of his old log books to remind himself how he rigged it last time.

Eventually up goes the chute in its snuffer and then we fly it and off we go.

The wind is up to about 15 knots and for once Fox is moving well, she obviously prefers a stronger blow than we have been having for most of this trip. Over half-way back to Aegina and then its gybe the cruising chute and head back towards the western end of Poros.

Wind is hitting 18 knots and she is getting a bit hard to handle so its time to snuff the chute and fly the genoa again, but we did get her up over 7 knots for a while there.

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