Britespark goes Dutch

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Home Again! - Portsmouth

August 24, 2009

After being away for nearly 4 months it felt odd as we entered Portsmouth Harbour – nice thought by the Navy to send out a boat to greet us!

This trip will leave us with many fabulous memories. We have enjoyed every minute and wouldn’t change anything! Holland was truly magnificent and the Dutch people are very helpful, honest and good fun! We will return….

Chris and Chris

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Rye to Chichester

August 23, 2009

Back in the familiar waters of the South Coast, we travel West towards the Solent.  En Route we stop briefly at Eastbourne and Brighton.. we watch from a distance the air display off Shoreham and I managed to get a TV signal offshore and watched the Grand Prix, whilst Chris handled the boat.

Back at East Head we anchored in one of our favourite spots and fired up the barbie!

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Boulogne to Rye

August 18, 2009

Brr Brr – the alarm rings at 5.30 andwe are up, today we will cross the channel and weave our way between the shipping once again.. The crossing was smooth with no surprises, the only surprise was Rye, a delightful quintessential English town. It seemed strange to be in shops with everybody speaking English again! We sat in mud again in the drying creek and soaked up the atmosphere of the town. We have diaried a visit back at the end of February which is their scallop festival week!

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Gravelines to Boulogne

August 15, 2009

Headed out of Gravelines in bright sunshine but pretty soon the mist descended,we kept everything crossed that it wouldn’t turn in to a serious fog – it didn’t! We continued tohave super weather and Boulogne shone in the sunshine.  We arrived on a holiday weekend which was great fun with lots going on. But … alas no wine shops were open, so would you believe, the good ship Britespark had to leave France without filling the bilges with the grapes in order to get a good weather slot! Bad planning!

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Nieuport to Gravelines

August 13, 2009

Pressing on now we head on in to France.  We had never been to Gravelines before so that made the decision for us.  The Shell Pilot stated that there would be a 1.5m maintained depth in the harbour – yeah right! check out the picture of us playing ducks in the mud! Gravelines turned out be a small but pretty French town where the locals were very friendly..

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Middelburg to Nieuport

August 11, 2009

Wow! with Vlissengen behind us we head out in to the Westerschelde with 20 plus knots on the beam.. waves for the first time in months! Both of us are feeling a bit queasy as we bash south towards Belgium having forgotten about this kind of motion!

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Veere to Middelburg

August 09, 2009

Up anchor on a beautiful still morning! We managed a short drift under just the genoa until the wind died completely and we had to resort to using the engine. We arrived back in Middelburg knowing that we would leave Holland the next morning. We had a fantastic time in Holland and we were definately not emotionally ready to leave!

We popped in to the yacht club for a beer and use of their WiFi.. we sat down and across the table came “it isn’t is it?” yes it was! – in front of us was a bunch of old friends from the Pike and Eel Boat Club! They had just blasted over in their powerboats from Yarmouth to start a two week holiday! Needless to say we had a great evening and far too much drink went down but it was great to see them again.

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Goes to Veere

August 08, 2009

We joined the convoy out of Goes to make the 10.00 am bridge; then trundled our way back down to the Verse Meer. The Meer was much busier than it was on our outbound trip, but we managed to find a great anchorage with one inch of water beneath us!. Having been in Holland for months we were starting to get brave!

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Yerseke to Goes

August 06, 2009

Goes is a place that we did not stop at on the way north and consequently we promised ourselves a stop on the way back. It was a great surprise to find a quintessential Dutch Old Town that the Lonely Planet guide has missed! We entered the yachthaven W.V De Werf only to find it is tiny! We felt our boat was enormous in here, but the harbourmaster found us a slot! De Werf is surely unique with it’s holiday atmosphere, tree lined moorings and the lovely old clubhouse with an honesty bar! You help yourself to a coke or beer and put your cash in the box – easy tariff as everything is 70 cents!

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Krabbenkreek to Yerseke

August 05, 2009

Yerseke is reckoned to be the mussel capital of the Netherlands and has a large Haven dedicated to the mussel boats. As the mussel is now in season we treated ourselves to lunch in a restaurant on the quay, belonging to one of the mussel companies. The mussels in cheese sauce amazing! we also had some traditional ones too!

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