Cairns to the Top

S 11° 58' E 141° 57'

Namaleta River

September 30, 2009

Though the chart shows the entrance drying we had a look at low tide and it showed that there should be plenty of depth to get in.   We wait till a few hours after the low and proceed slowly to enter and even though there were some shallow areas we had no trouble.  Once in, there is plenty of depth especially near the rock wall where we were in 10m plus.  The fishermen are here for the day so we become the mother ship.  We ended up with the catch and enjoyed it for dinner – Pip of course having her share as well.  With good SE’s it is very pleasant but once ashore out of the breeze it is extremely hot and you can’t stand in the sand without something on your feet.  Diurnal tides here so the tide comes in all day and goes out all night.

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