Cairns to the Top

S 14° 10' E 144° 28'

Bathurst Bay, Cape Melville

October 18, 2009

With weather increasing left Stokes and headed to Bathurst Bay where we had been comfortable in strong winds on our way north.  Quite choppy once we lost the protection of Blackwood Island and it was nice to be finally anchored in calm water.  “Tunnel Vision” who we had met at the Jackson were here so we got together for drinks, dampers (sweet and savoury) on the beach, and a long hike one day to find fresh water in a small patch of rainforest.  We didn’t quite get there but 2 of the party found it 20 minutes after the rest of us had given up.  Dawn’s Birthday was celebrated on the 19th with Kay and Jane baking a cake. Have been here 5 days but wind has only dropped by 5kts so still too rough to head further south.  Hope for some calms or northerlies soon.

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