Cairns to the Top

S 10° 44' E 142° 34'

Albany Passage

October 12, 2009

Finally we have good weather predictions for the next few days (10 to 15’s) so we do the finals before we head for the top of the Albany passage.  Rough as we rounded the point at Peak Point otherwise very pleasant.  Wind dropped off overnight and we went through the Albany Passage just pushing a little tide to make the exit easier.  Conditions deteriorated as we progressed down the coast so forecast was certainly out.  Perservered with it and made Bushy Islet late in the afternoon where we had a very comfortable overnighter.  Wind dropped out during the night so we up anchored at 1.30am and had a magnificent trip right through to Lloyd Island.  A long day but with flat seas, something I didn’t think we would see up here, it was so enjoyable.  Woke to a mill pond.  Very smokey though from all the fires. Picked up fuel and water off the barge early and left for Morris Is. 
As we rounded Cape Direction the seas were so calm and clean we could see the bottom – very picturesque. Arrived late at Morris, enjoyed the sunset and were in bed early.  Very still so decided to make the most of the conditions once more.  We were out again at 1.30am and left for the Flinders Group.  Beautiful starry night. 6 or so prawn trawlers working. 15 nm from Stanley Is the wind picked up and I thought we would have a very rough passage into Stokes Bay.  However, it only lasted an hour and then we were back to calm cruising conditions.  Glad we have got ourselves out of the top end and hope to get calm conditions again once the blow that is predicted for the next few days or so pass (up to 30 kts). Bought some fresh prawns off the trawler, who are waiting for the barge later today, and were given some scallops so guess it’s seafood for a few days.  Yum!!!!

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