Cairns to the Top

S 10° 43' E 142° 25'


October 08, 2009

We think we have the tides worked out at this stage so leave Pippy River just before high tide.  Have a good run through to Crab Island then it all turns sour.  Wind has shifted to the NE so now we have wind against tide and rather unpleasant Pip thinks.  Best thing to do is get back into a river.  The Jardine is close by and we make a beeline for it and get just inside when we run out of depth.  We can’t stay here overnight so it is a quick walk for Pip on the beach, lunch, then up anchor and head to Seisia.  With the tide against us we are down to 4kts so it becomes a slow 8nm till we are anchored just off the Fishing Club in calm water once again.  It is good to be back as we like this spot.  Later in the afternoon we head to the Club for the Friday night Burgers and music by the local band.

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