Cairns to the Top

S 10° 35' E 142° 14'

Horn/ Thursday Island(T.I.)

September 15, 2009

 Chose a rising tide thinking that will give us the best run across to Thursday Island/Horn Island. WRONG!!!!!! Had to anchor behind Zuma Island as the tide threatened to send us backwards. Once it had changed head up Boat Passage and the anchorage off Horn Island. From here we explored Horn Island and caught up with Pieta and Garth who run the Horn Island Guest House. They were great company and very helpful. We had to go to T.I. (a short ferry trip $5 each way) to shop and clear Pip through quarantine. She was passed O.K. but picked up a heap of ticks during her stay Dawn spent hours deticking her. We had our mail sent up but didn’t realise that it came by barge and took weeks. Just had to wait.  However the replacement Wind Generator (the original which is only 9 months old had been playing up for the last 5 weeks) arrived early and we were glad to have a quiet system again keeping our batteries topped up.

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