Adventures on Erimar

A Winter Resting Place

September 28, 2010


Up river, deep in the Vilaine with Erimar stripped naked in readiness for her hibernation, it was time for our farewell barbecue .Time for reflection, time for celebration, time to give thanks for our lot. With the evenings drawing in, closing the curtains on Erimar`s stage, autumns ghostly dampness and chill was plainly evident in the Rieux air, as the charcoal aroma left it`s taste and mark on the scene. Five of us and a midnight feast like badgers frolicking away from the lair.


Foleux was to be Erimar`s nesting place for winter and we awoke, shrouded in a mist being dissolved by a dominant sun. A dominant sun turning mist into a steam rising from the water. Erimar was lifted and coaxed to the boatyard for hibernation and we bode her farewell but happy to be going back to our home, family and friends.

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