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Almost done!

April 12, 2009

I did get a little side tracked on my hurricane Ike repairs. Somehow the idea of getting the mast back up and running turned into a nearly total refit. Not to mention the fire I had on board after I installed a used A/C with sub par wiring. I did realize, however, that the 125 volt main shore power breaker was residential, not marine. (Residential breakers wont trip for at least two minutes!) I also realized that the breaker on the dock won’t trip as my boat catches on fire (3 small fires actually), and that I can find and operate my fire extinguisher in zero visibility because of the smoke. I also had to take some time out to do a couple of off shore races on a friend of mine’s boat.

I digress. It’s 00:30 Thurs. June 18 and I’m packing tools, parts, gear, and margarita fixin’s for the next four days in which I hope to completely finish the mast and deck glasswork/painting. Plan on  staying more up on posting, as it will be good practice for keeping an accurate log book.


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I admit it. I had an affair.

April 11, 2009

There, I’ve said it. I cheated on my girl. I didn’t go through with it though. I only looked. Yep, you guessed it- I didn’t get the Morgan 382.  Subsequently, I ran back into the arms/spars of my first love and promised never to do it again. I sanded her down, did some glass work, and gave her a good scrub. Hopefully she’s forgiven me. We reaffirmed our vows. I am recommitted to her, and we’re stronger for it. (I know, I know, I need to get out more.)

So with that I sat down and made a list and a date for her first sail since Hurry Ike. The date is April 22nd- Earth Day. I’m not much of a hippie (unless PETA means People Eating Tasty Animals), but I thought it would be fitting since we plan to go around it. 

Rain this weekend, so no sanding or painting. I’ll put together the last two stays this evening with their Sta-lok fittings. note: Sta-lok sucks. I’ve ruined two for sure trying to get them apart, and maybe more since they had to be heated to get the old wire out. (Heating to over 800 degrees causes atom diffusion which changes stainless steel’s corrosion resistant properties.) We’ll see. I would recommend (though I have never used) Hi-Mod fittings. They don’t use a sealant to keep them secure. Monday it’s down to the rigger’s to put the finishing touches on the mast.

  1. final sanding and application of Sharkshide aluminum protectant
  2. drill, tap, and attach remainder of mast track
  3. drill, tap, and attach spreaders (One of which I had to dive for in murky water after the hurrricane! Can’t believe I found it, but it was worth it. Replacements look cheap compared to my heavy duty “airplane wing” spreaders.)
  4. drill, tap and attach: steaming/deck light, tri-color, and windex
  5. remove said tri-color and windex so the clumsy crane operators don’t break or bend them when raising the mast.
  6. install masthead sheaves (after I’ve made new GIANT clevis pins)
  7. run halyards- this is very important seeing as I have to drag myself up the mast to re-attach the tri-color and windex.
  8. re-wire mast using long zip ties to keep the wires from “slapping” inside the mast. Consequently, I thought about omitting this step as I rather enjoy all of the little sounds my boat makes. Halyards slapping in the wind, creaks and groans. But I am a little worried about chafe, so I think I’ll take this protective measure. The previous owner ran wiring through a PVC pipe that had a “T” at the spreaders for steaming and spreader lights. You can imagine trying to run a small wire 35 feet through a maze of PVC. I’ve had to do it. I’m definitely opting for free floating wires.

I know it sounds like a lot. That’s because it is, but if I don’t set a timeline I’ll keep aimlessly working on projects that won’t get her back out on the water. And the longer she’s not on the water, I’m having to get my fix by sailing/racing on other boats. Which upsets her to where something else breaks (fresh H2O pump last weekend) and makes more projects. It’s a vicious cycle I’m putting a halt to right now.

Side notes:

  • think I might name her “Hera” after the wife of Zeus and goddess of all women. (surely one of those will come in handy someday)
  • looks like spine surgery next month, but would like to get my folks down to the boat before that. Especially my mother and her friend (and mine too) Mrs. Fellers. They have been asking about coming down since the hurricane. Mrs. Fellers (Bobby) says she wants to help sand the woodwork. I’ll have to leave some to do. I can’t believe my family has never seen her. Maybe mother’s day would be good.
  • ran across a couple of old Hurry Ike pictures and will try to include them. One is what’s left of the pier she weathered the storm on, and the other is my boat being the last one standing at the marina.
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March 31, 2009

I can’t commit just yet. I still have a chance at a Morgan 38 for VERY cheap. I have already secured the lot where she’ll sit while I fix her- she was damaged in hurricane Ike. I can afford and have arranged the transport. All I have to do is wait the owner out- the boat is about to be auctioned aout from under the current owner- who bought her at auction but can’t move her. (The storage yard has no means of picking a boat up and putting it on a trailer.) I’m gonna play this one out. A Morgan 382 would be much safer, have much more room for fuel water an food, room for a generator and water maker, etc. etc. However, If this buy falls through I need to quit looking for a safer ride, and start bulking up my girl for the trip. She’ll make it. Dumb ass sailors will even give me props for sailing so far on a “Party Pig”. (I’ve seen it before) I’ll know better by Tues or Weds of next week. My friend Nishi called today. I haven’t heard from her in years! Something about the tone of her voice always calmed me down, kept me sane, enabled me to make good deceisions. This too could be a boon. Are the stars aligning? Is it my time to buy a yacht? I can almost smell Clipperton Island.

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End 'o' March 2009

March 31, 2009

It’s time I started writing this stuff down. I never understood what a “blog” was for, until tried to remember how I got to this place in life. I have a great boat. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, is just as comfortable in jeans and a ball cap as she is in a little black dress- but she’s as fast as a herd of turtles stampeeding through peanutbutter uphill!! (And no stowage, no capacity for water or fuel- to tell you the truth I am amazed every time she makes it home.) BUT! I love her, she’s mine, and we’re gonna go see what we can do, and where we can go. Which brings me to why I am starting this “blog” now- I bid $10, 300 on another Morgan (a ‘79 Morgan 382) last week, and tonight I just watched someone else buy a Morgan (an ’82 Morgan 384) for more than it was worth. I need to commit to the girl that has given me heaps of joy over the last 3 1/2 years. I just need to commit to the ride and make it happen. Quit looking for more comefortable- quit looking for safer- quit looking for anything that’s not right in fron of me. She’ll make it- WE’LL make it! So, here’s where we are: Mast is still down, but 97% ready to go back up. Still need to: finish sanding and “treat”/alum. varnish the stick, run all new wires, attach all masthead stuff (and un-attach so the morons working the cherry picker don’t break off tricolors or windexes), drill and attach the new sail track, and attach the spreaders. OK, so maybe 87% ready. But I’m 150% ready to be sailing on my own boat again. (Placed 5th on Dave’s boat in the SOS-TX Conundrum last week.) I think I’ll set this as my home page, and it will serve as my system of checks and balances. This blogging thing is cool. You gotta love the whole stream of conciousness bit- Jack Kerouac is diggin’ it!

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