The adventures of Noah

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Seeing Mum and Dad off on Tibia

March 17, 2009

Tuesday morning, 8am, Just had the new headsail fitted to Noah, and mum and dad are on their way, I rang Dad at 8:30 or so to hear they had just gone thru the breakwater and would turn around and meet me in the marina so I could sail out with them!

Got some great photos of Tibia outside CYC heading out, and many more as we headed down the coast for half an hour or so.

I was stoked with the new performance of the sails and improvement in balance of the boat, even though the autopilot was still playing up!  had fun running to the tiller more than once when trying to hoist and trim sails to find the autopilot had a mind of its own!  At one stage Dad called over the UHF  “look out!  where you going?!” while I was untying the mainsail reef and making a beeline for a collision course with Far Star!

It was a perfect morning for a sail until I had to turn back, then the wind dropped and it was all I could do to manage 2 knots on my way home, not that I minded, I needed an excuse to stay out a bit longer anyway!  The customers could wait…

I sat in the cockpit watching the sails of Tibia and Far Star fade into the horizon as I returned to reality.

It was my first solo sail in my new boat, I was a little nervous about berthing again but being there was no wind, it was a perfect morning for it, and I found it no trouble.  I rang Mum and Dad to let them know I’d made it back in, and to wish them well on their trip, and left for work.

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