Grab a Jaguar, October 2007

N 38° 27' E 20° 34'


October 12, 2007

Once the rain had past over the wind became steadier and we shook out the reefs and got some good sailing in up the channel.

I took the opportunity to go close in shore off the hamlet of Evreti, where I have stayed for several land-based holidays, and take some close up photos of the little chapel on an island in the channel.

As we got close to Fiskardo we noticed someone racing around in a small rib going round and round some of the yachts in the area. It turned out to be a chap who had set himself up a small business taking photos of the yachts as they arrived and selling the images to the crews if they wanted them.

With most of the boats out here being on charter , and the fact that you very rarely get a chance to take a photo of your own boat he may find it does pay. After all with today’s digital cameras his running costs are really only the fuel for his boat, as he doesn’t even have to print the photos but copies them onto a CD for you.

So Gary and I did a few manouvers so he could get Andros in various configurations and then headed into Fiscardo.

I had never seen it so empty, but it was almost the end of their season.

We went in stern to on the floating pontoon over by the ferry berth, almost exactly where we had moored Aurelia in May.

After a little while we started seeing other members of the Jaguar fleet coming in as it appeared that Fiscardo had won over Frikes for nearly everybody.


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