Grab a Jaguar, October 2007

N 38° 17' E 20° 42'

North towards Fiscardo

October 12, 2007

Having deposited our unwelcome friend in the bay on Ithica we turn North towards Fiscardo and soon find find ourselves drifting as the wind coming around the South of Ithica neets the wind coming round the North.

Motor through the Doldrums and we are off again but suddenly Gary is suprised as I jump up on the cabin top and start lowring the mainsail.

“Why do we need to reef says the boy?” “Look ahead say the skipper.” The sky ahead is jet black, with occaisional flashes of lightning, and below it there are white horses showing in the channel so its two reefs in NOW and get the waterproofs on.

As it happened we missed the worst of the storm as it moved West over Kefelonia so we got some squally winds and a lot of rain.



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