Corfu to Levkada May 2007

N 39° 40' E 19° 54'

A new crew for Aurelia

May 06, 2007

In April I am in the middle of doing a training course in the Solent with the aim of getting my RYA Coastal Skipper ticket when my mobile rings and it is the Sailing Holiday’s office with a little problem.

One of their other clients wants to upgrade from a Beneteau 331 to a 361 but they are all alocated so “do you think that you could handle one of our Bavaria 42’s?”

My last trip involved a 43 footer in the Caribbean so that shouldn’t be a problem.

We arrive at Gouvia marina and are told that our boat is Aurelia, and where to find her, and its off along the pontoon to see if the rest of the crew have got there first. (First ones on get to pick their cabins, not really a problem on the 42 as it has four cabins, but if you get four singles on a 361 then somebody will end up with the saloon)

Our two crew-mates have beaten us to it, the Manchester flight got in first, and we introduce ourselves to Anne and Tony.

Anne has done one two week flotilla before, so is a relative novice, but Tony is a retired yachtmaster examiner with more miles logged than the rest of the flotilla put together.

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