Corfu to Levkada May 2007

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End of another trip

May 19, 2007

Back Aurelia in for the last time and make fast.

Now for the end of trip formalities, packing your gear so that you can tidy up the cabin, cleaning the cooker (but of course you have been doing this all trip so it only needs a wipe over doesn’t it!).

Fill out the report for the engineer on what needs to be looked at before she goes out again on Monday… Ten defect lists and about five hours from when we leave the boat until the next set of crews arrive, so its a good job that they keep these boats in such good order, or at least they usually do.

This was the only time that I have had to leave a formal defects list on a Sailing Holiday’s boat. The engine is still not right, the guard rails need adjusting, the splice in the mainsail reefing line keeps jamming, the anchor windlass won’t always respond when you press the button…

Sorry Aurelia, you obviously never got the proper care and attention in your early years and were obviously a tired out girl, old before your time, when Barry bought you only a few years back.

(I saw her again in October that year, and she had a brand new engine, but she was just not fitting into the company’s operations, she needed different spares to the other boats etc, so this was her last flotilla season. Sold on to a private owner during the winter, I came across her again in 2008, spruced up before the sale and now receiving lots of TLC she’s probably got a lot of years left in her yet) 

Over to the group meal and prize giving, with the normal worry about what the lead crew have noticed about you and what silly prize you will get.

Gary gets an award as the most promising newcomer, and I get a wooden replica of a hand-held VHF for my radio presence, probably for being present on it too much!

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