Corfu to Levkada May 2007

N 38° 37' E 20° 35'

An encounter with Eric

May 16, 2007

We decided to take it easy the next morning and then leave in time to pick up the afternoon breeze and do an “open water” trip across to Vassaliki on the sourthern coast of Lefkada.

A good sail over, enlivened with the fact that the we encountered two other yachts obviously also going into Vassiliki as we neared the bay.

A good breeze and a challange, great sailing!

As we came up the long inlet of Vassiliki Bay the breeze was picking up and up and swinging around to the North West, beam reaching weather, and the race was going well.

As we got closer to the harbour it was obvious that Vassiliki’s wind-surfing wind “Eric” was in full bore. A fairly consistant good breeze along the beach made this a windsurfer’s mecca in the past although the scene seems to have moved on a bit in recent years.

I came in here in August once (about 15 years ago!) and counted 150 windsurfers out at once and most of them seemed to be on starboard!

“Eric” may be great for the windsurfers but it means a stiff cross wind when trying to slot in for a mediteranean mooring in what is quite a tight harbour. Today the harbour looks quite full and there doesn’t seem to be a space large enough for Aurelia, and that coupled with potential cross wind approach problems convinces me to move on.

(Among things to remember here is that the harbour has a sand bank right in the entrance so don’t go to far to port as you come around the end of the mole.)

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