Corfu to Levkada May 2007

N 38° 39' E 20° 45'

Spartachori, Meghanisi

May 13, 2007

A short drifting sort of day running down to Spartachori on Meghanisi Island. Fairly straightforward line of site navigation except for one little trap called the Heiromiti Shoal which is a nastly shoal between the islands of Skorpios and Meghanisi.

Like most such hazards in the Ionian it has no offical navigation warning markers but if you come around the eastern end of Skorpios and go straight for Porto Spiglia, the inlet for Spartachori then you will probably find it.

Equally if you come around the western end of Skiorpios and head straight for Vathi on Meghanisi you will go close to it.

It is the size of a soccer pitch and just below the surface…

I must admit that I have actually (accidentally) seen this one, on a previous trip out here, and since then give it far more respect.

Porto Spiglia is another of the must see sights of the Ionian, with a fantastic view from the village of Spartachori on the top of the hill.

There are several tavernas on the shoreline including one with its own floating pontoon right below Spartachori. If using this one try to get a space where your bow points to the mouth of the inlet, you can get a nasty swell coming in sometimes.

On this trip we went up to a taverna at the end of the inlet, a bit more of a walk to the vilalge, but a more sheltered berth.

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