Corfu to Levkada May 2007

N 39° 23' E 20° 13'

Southern side of Sivota Island

May 10, 2007

From Petriti we motored out to clear Lefkimmi Spit and then got some good wind.

Our desination for that night was Sivota back on the mainland. This village is sometimes refered to as Sivota (north) or Mourtos, to prevent it being confused with Sivota on the island of Lefkada which is about 100 miles further south.

A direct course to Sivota, after rounding Lefkimmi would take you straight into the bay leaving Sivota Island to starboard, but there is a channel by which you can get to Sivota from the south.

We were enjoying some good sailing after the previous day’s drift along and hence went down past Sivota Island and then turned up to come in via the Southern Channel.

I had used this channel several times before but with little Jaguar 27’s and once with a Benetteau 361 and hence knew what to expect. Tony, for though was taken a little aback as the bottom came up to meet us…

If you do try this approach to Sivota then

1) Watchout for exposed rocks off Sivota Island.

2) Dont try to go between Sivota Island and St Nicholas Island (channel off to port as you go North) its very shallow.

3) You can go into the channel that opens to starboard but only if you want to anchor up, there is a sandbar that you can use to wade across it between you and the nice bay that you can see through the narrows!

4) The main channel has a ridge of rock that crosses it (at about 2.5 metres depth) just north of the two side channels, and you need to be bang in the middle of the channel at this point.

5) Have someone up on the bow watching out for unexpected obstructions in case you stray off the deep (joke) water route.

6) If in doubt go around the island and use the main entrance!

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