Corfu to Levkada May 2007

N 39° 27' E 20° 00'

South West to Petriti

May 09, 2007

From Sayaidha we sailed, or mostly drifted, back across the Corfu Channel to the little fishing village of Petriti.

This, as with any crossing of the Corfu channel involved a fair bit of ferry dodging.

Although this is my fifth trip in the Corfu Channel I had never actually visited Petriti before, and found it to be a nice little harbour but it is home to a number of large fishing vessels, so watch out that you stay clear of the area where they tie up.

There was one alongside the end of the quay when we arrived and hence we went stern-to on the end of the quay, extending the quay by 42 feet.

I wouldn’t actually recommend it, as it meant we were broadside on to a ferry wash that arrived at about 03:00, some fast ferry or another wasn’t keeping to the agreed speed limit…

There were two supermarkets in the village, one near the waterfront and another a little way up the hill on the road going west from the village. (In 2008 when I visited Petriti again the waterfront one had been converted into a cafe bar/ coffee shop).

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