A True, Blue, Outrageous Adventure

S 34° 49' E 20° 01'

Cape Agulhas

December 03, 2010

We are rounding Cape Agulhas and wow, what a pretty place this glorious home of ours is! We have been watching bottle nose dolphins and their babies leaping and dancing in welcome for a few hours, and every so often, in the background, a whale sticks up its flipper in a casual wave, or even, stirring its vast bulk into a more enthusiastic hello, hurls itself into the air, landing with an almighty splash. We have also passed a few pairs of sunfish which occasioned much excitement as I have never seen one out of an aquarium. We switched off the engine, turned round and watched their weird and wonderful bodies gliding away through the water. Not to be outdone, some seals followed us for a while, threading their slick bodies amongst what I imagine, from all the wildlife, to be a very fishy sea!


It’s been a good but COLD sail. I am in full Michelin Man gear, pj’s under jeans which are under oilies with socks (oh! Regretting the boat shoes given away in Nukuoru), and 2 t-shirts, a fleece, hoodie, Musto jacket and scarf all under my oilie top. Not to mention the beanie and hood. Brrr. The sea temperature has dropped from a wonderful 30 degrees to 12. 12. And this is SUMMER???? All of the other boats in our little duckling convoy veered off into Mossel Bay as there looked as though there might be a bit of nasty weather coming. We, however, had to push on to be on time for our welcome party which has been skilfully arranged by amazing friends, and thankfully we will be attending!


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Esti December 03, 2010 at 05:53 PM

So much excitement! I’ll be there to welcome you back. Inness arrived from Barbados this morning for Quintin’s stag weekend in Arniston. Will swing by on Monday. Please come to his birthday braai at my cottage on Tuesday, early evening if you can. Welcome back to SA. Lol. Esti. xxxx

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