New England Cruise 2007

N 40° 42' W 74° 02'


May 15, 2007

We departed from Keyport Yacht Club. After a long afternoon of loading up the boat we had a beautiful night of sailing up to Liberty Landing Marina. We tied up to the gas dock and tried to find some one to get a slip. Apparently no one was there…even security. We spend the night at the gas dock.

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N 40° 56' W 73° 04'

On to Port Jefferson

May 16, 2007

We left the next morning after a quick detour to Liberty Marina for breakfast. We transited the east river at slack tide and made it to Long Island Sound around 10:00am. The wind was 20-25 from the West, so it was fast down wind sailing the entire way out. We stopped at Port Jefferson. Danford’s Marina was excellent, good wireless internet and very nice facilities. However, they wanted over 4.00 a foot(they did end up cutting us a small break because it was so early in the season). We ate at the restaurant there, which was very good. Port Jeff is a great stop because the town is right on the water and there is a lot to see and do off your boat.

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N 41° 11' W 71° 34'

Arriving at Block Island

May 17, 2007

We left Port Jefferson early in the morning. The wind was 20-25 from the west. We proceeded down the sound and sailed through Plum Gut. Once transitting the gut, the seas picked up to around 6-8 foot swells from the south. It was great sailing, but Sophie fell in the cabin and hit her head…in the head! She was fine though…just a bump. We arrived at block Island around 5:30. The transient moorings were not in yet, so we took an empty private mooring, expecting a word from the harbor master. It was so early in the season that no one said anything. We got a great mooring for two nights for free!

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N 41° 11' W 71° 34'

Block Island Day 1

May 18, 2007

Our outboard motor was broken, so we had to row to the shore. From there we walked into town and had breakfast at a great bagel place(I can’t remember the name). We rented bikes and rode around the Island and rode to the north end. From there we walked down to the beach and the lighthouse. We rode back and had a late lunch at one of the restuarants in town. We went back to the boat and Sophie made us some delicious pasta.

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N 41° 11' W 71° 34'

Block Island Day 2

May 19, 2007

A Nor’Easter blew in overnight. We put an extra line on the mooring and took off the mainsail to reduce windage. The wind was around 35 knots with gusts higher. We slept on and off because of the loud noise from the winds! We spent the day weathering the storm on the mooring. Lohner taught us how to play Hearts and played pretty much all day.

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N 41° 29' W 71° 18'


May 20, 2007

The storm finally abated overnight. We left early in the morning. The weather wasn’t great but the wind was dead. The seas had big rollers, but the water was calm and it was a smooth trip. It would have been a great day for surfing, with the big, but calm seas… Adolf set us up at Newport Yachting Center. We took showers and went to the Black Pearl for some amazing chowder. Then we went to Adolf’s for the christening of his new, carbon fiber bar! Sophie and I went back to the yacht to go to bed around 1am and Lohner stayed at the party. The next morning he still wasnt back! When we finally found him, passed out in the shower at the Yachting Center, we learned he had fallen in the harbor and then had gone back to the party and took off all of his wet clothes! He is forever nicknamed “naked boy.”

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N 41° 23' W 71° 31'

To...Point Judith?

May 21, 2007

After finding Lohner, we did some laundry and then went out for breakfast. We finally got going around noon. The wind was around 20 from the south. It was slow, upwind sailing. Around 3:30 we were all tired and decided to just pull into Point Judith. We motored up the channel to Point Judith Marina. The marina was nice and reasonable, but there was nothing to do there…not even a close restaurant. Fortunately, we had friends in the area who picked us up and took us out to dinner. We went back to their house to watch a movie and then stayed in their rental house. It was a nice break from staying on the boat.

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N 41° 15' W 72° 48'

Branford, CT

May 22, 2007

Sean met us at the marina around 8:00 in the morning. The wind was light, but we were able to sail all the way to Branford, CT. We weren’t expecting much from this stop, but the marina was great. Particularly the harbor was well protected and easily navigable. Also, the marina was reasonable and had a great restaurant(with a great bar…).

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N 40° 42' W 74° 02'

Louie's for Dinner and Home Again

May 23, 2007

We left Branford after a great night. We sailed to Manhasset Bay, the last harbor before the east river. We pulled up to the dock at Louie’s restaurant. It was a little formal after a whole day of sailing, but we sat outside on the deck. The food was great! It was dusk when we were done, but the tide was right and I have a lot of experience on the East River, so we decided to go back home and finish our trip. The city looked beautiful up close at night. We got to the marina around 2 in the morning. It was a great trip!

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