Sardinia Channel, November 2008

N 40° 33' E 08° 18'


November 21, 2008

We are a day early getting into Alghero but the Friday morning dawns to the howl of the wind and the worst set of frapping halyards that I can ever remember.

One of these days people laying their boats up for the winter might remember to tie the * things off, there will be some people trying to sleep in the marina.

Anyway the Mistral has arrived as predicted and it builds through the day until there are actually little white horses inside the harbour, and the wind is coming across the breakwater not through the entrance.

Walk around to the seaward side of the town wall and then you really feel it…

Oh well a good chance to explore the old town of Alghero and do more window shopping, Christmas is only a month away after all.

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