Heading South!

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Sailing along

February 25, 2009

Wow; it has been awhile since we’ve posted anything! We are now sitting in Sousa in the Dominician Republic, on our way across to Puerto Rico. We would have stayed longer at Louperon, but thought we would take advantage of a good weather window and start our passage east. We did manage to check out some of the north countyside and do this crazy waterfall climb with natural watersides for getting back down!

We spent almost a week in the Turks & Caicos, long enough for boaters in my opinion. The beaches and water are great, but there are not that many great anchorage sites that offer complete protection.

We are currently sailing with 2 single handlers; Kim of “Gaia” from Novia Scotia, and Randy of “Moonrise” from Florida.  It’s much nicer having at least one other boat for these long (and occasionaly) night passages.

Plan on spending several weeks in Puerto Rico as we would like to have a few refits done (thinking about a watermaker although we have had no problems yet with good water).


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Hopping around the cays

December 28, 2008

We have been sailing around the Abacos and North Eleuthera Islands for the last 2 weeks. All has been going well, a few days of waiting out the winds and waves. We’re in Nassau to pick up Alison who is joining us for a little holiday(we are soooo excited!!) and to replace our dingy which “disappeared” while we were in Rainbow Cay a few days ago. We are still hopeful that “Sparky” will be recovered but it’s not looking to promising.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we wish all a Happy New Year.

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December 09, 2008

We made it! An interesting Gulf Stream crossing; you read and hear about it, but you need to experience the amazing current strength to understand it! All went well (thanks to Captain Claudio) and we found an anchorage spot for the night until we made it hear to Spanish Cay to clear Customs. The weather is a little unsettled - might just make a short run to Treasure Cay.

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One more stop.....

December 04, 2008

We’ve decided to sail to Ft. Pierce tomorrow, then make our way across to Walker Cay the next day(weather permitting of course!).

We cleared US customs today and we’re very surprised to be told that the boat should have been cleared when it first left New York! This was all news to us since we had not been told that by any of the several people and agencies we dealt with at the time of the sale. Apparently failure to do so can result in a fine of $5000 -we were very fortunate to have an understanding and kind customs officer who cleared us with a warning and the $19 file fee! 

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Out to the big blue sea

November 27, 2008

Things look fairly good for us to do a little offshore sailing tomorrow! It should help speed us up abit for a crossing to the Bahamas in about 2 weeks or so.  Aside from being grounded the other day (yes, that was us beside marker 60A for all of you taking pictures!) things are going pretty good. Yes, it could be warmer – there is a frost warning for tonight - but it has been fun so far and that is what is should be all about! I will admit that I would have liked to spend more time taking in the sites that we have passed; who knows, maybe we will someday end back north in this direction and see them then. The days do go bye fast and I find myself pretty much ready to crawl into bed before 9pm(on a good night!). Looking forward to a more relaxed pace when we are further south! 

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Florida Finally!!

November 26, 2008

After a few interesting days….we are finally further south at our last US state! 

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November 17, 2008

I am still searching, they say every thing happens for a reason. The comissioning of Tia Anica took us 1 1/2 month over planned departure… We were fortunate, we missed the huricane. A week into the trip, the new chart plotter failled, so did the auto pilot, the bow truster, one of the battery swiches and the electric motor for the forward head… We were fortunate, I was able to trouble shoot the problems and learn quite a bit more about Tia anica’s fantasies. We’ve travelled dressed for the North Pole going through rain and temperatures below 50F, the next few days call for 28F. We are fortunate we are heading south. The winds are unfavorable and of gale strenght, we would not venture out on the open sea… We are fortunate at least to travel the ICW. I believe I will find the fair winds, the warm sun rays, it is somewere out there… the dream.



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