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Ravenna, Italy

June 15, 2008

Flying to Milan to see the boat 

Some notes I put down during the flight to Milan…

After several months of intensive preparations the day has come. I’m flying with Gal Oren to see our new boat, Princess Nayeli. It’s hard to describe the sweet feeling of freedom and excitement towards what’s expecting us. The morning started on the right foot when we were able to check-in our luggage without paying overweight, I was upgraded to Business without even asking for it and now I’m sitting in the plane, no emails to read, no presentation to get ready for, just relaxing and dreaming about the beauty of this coming summer. We could see the bay of Venice from the window and the sandy shoreline going south towards Ravenna, which is where we’re heading. I’m still a little confused and I don’t think I realize that I can really clear up my mind. It’s like an absolute peace of mind where I don’t need to worry about 1000 things at work and don’t need to think what I forgot to pack or what I forgot to order for the boat. It is what it is at this point and all I can do is sit down and wait to see the results…

Preparations in Ravenna  

I’m sitting at the airport in Bologna waiting for the family to arrive. This is after an intensive week of equipping the boat. Ravenna is quiet dead during the week, especially a rainy week like the one we had. It started to fill up with people towards the weekend and when the weather warmed up. During the week we went shopping about twice a day. Things were very difficult to find so we kept looking around for shops. Day after day we installed all the shipments that gradually arrived to the boat. We started at 8am and finished at 10pm most of the days. While installing the gangway, the flush mount fell into the water. The water was basically clear, but included a mixture of shipyard dirt, small jelly fish and so on. I decided to jump into this mixture to save the flush mount. Needless to say it was the only one we had and was impossible to find locally that specific size. Fortunately the flush mount was lying next to the quay so it wasn’t so deep. I need to thank Gal Oren who joined me to the initial set-up and made this experience joyful and productive.

Princess Nayeli in Ravenna

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