Honolulu to Marshall Islands

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The day before departure

October 27, 2008

Monday evening.  It has been hectic the last couple of days!  We thought we had everything under control and on track for departing tomorrow, but it was close.  Ken got violantly sick Thursday night through Friday (a stomach thing) and then it rained heavy Saturday and Sunday morning.  The rain uncovered a leak in one of our windows, so part of Monday was spent rebedding it.  After that was done, it was rush to Customs for a port clearance, and to the grocery store for last minute supplies.  Then we had to get Sand Dollar into "sea" mode.  We made it, but we are tired puppies.  We should be on our way by 0900 tomorrow.   The weather forecast looks good, light winds the first day out and then gradually building into more moderate 15-20 knot fair winds.  We’re excited!  

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Wlshor November 28, 2008 at 02:22 PM

thanks for sharing your adventures. I’ll try to keep track of you. Be safe. Fair winds,

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