Grenadines and Carriacou Oct 2006

N 12° 35' W 61° 26'

South East to Union Island

October 04, 2006

Another fairly short haul today down to the village of Clifton on Union Island.

A small village, but still a major metropolis compared with the places we have visited since leaving St Vincent. We call in here to restock and rewater and also to go through the formalities of clearing customs as tommorow we leave the Grenadines and go on into the islands of Grenada.

Out on the reef that provides shelter to the anchorage is a little man made island built of old conch shells, which supports the Happy Island bar. You can take the dinghy out there go ashore to the bar and then snorkel off the island returning to the bar when you feel the need for further refreshment.

On little problem today, my main camera seems to have got wet somehow and no longer wants to power-up. Still the memory card is OK and I do still have its twin in my dive housing.

Up  to the airport to visit the customs office and fill-out the numerous details they require to let you leave the country.


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