Grenadines and Carriacou Oct 2006

N 13° 00' W 61° 14'

Across the Channel to Bequia

September 30, 2006

Get up early, taxi into town to get provisions for the boat, and then get ready to depart.

It a short first day just slip across to Britannia Bay on Bequia.

My first day of sailing on the Atlantic, with the swells coming in from the east.

Anchor in the bay, and run Guy back to his own boat in the dinghy, and then use the dinghy to get ashore, we won’t see many pontoons on this trip.

Punch party on the beach tonight to allow the crews to get to know each other.

Now comes the interesting bit, I’m single handed at night, listening to the noises and wondering if she’s dragging. I’m more used to being tied to a harbour wall or marina than swinging on the hook all night.

I also have to get myself back aboard, shoudn’t of let them introduce me to so much Mount Gay rum…


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