Two Weeks Before the Mast:

N 27° 18' W 79° 29'


August 13, 2008

 27.30.8N; 79.48.52W  COG 11degs; SOG: Negligable.  You’ll all be glad to know that your Coast Guard is hard at work here in Florida waters, as we found out around 19:20 when a cutter out of Ft. Pierce pulled alongside to check on us.  They asked all manner of questions by radio, including the name and SS# of every soul aboard (Mike Romeo, Oscar, Whiskey, Echo, etc.).  They determined that the boat had just been commisioned, where she was bound, and so on.  They also learned that title had transferred only hours before, so when they asked "when were you last boarded by the US. Coast Guard (duh!)" we figured that they were coming aboard.   They did, they inspected all manner of things (after determining that we had no weapons aboard), and were mostly satisfied.  We were short one fire extingusher as a result of John and Dianna having bought two extras and Hylas having failed to yet deliver any of the three promised.  That, however, just generated a warning, and questions from the kids who boarded about what something like this set you back.  Answer:  It’s measured in "Boat Units" and we’ve all lost count.   Off they went in their RIB, and we got back on course and speed in a freshening breeze as the sun moved towards the Horizon. 

 In all, they were most professional as they went about their business – which was likely in part a training exercise – and I, for one, am glad they’re out here.  Bit of adventure for us, bit of training for them.  Good all ’round. 

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tomrn2 August 15, 2008 at 11:40 PM

Mike, that definitely qualifies as something other than just seeing water and being stuck on a boat – and this on your first day out! Can’t wait to tell Will. BTW, had a long phone message from you but it was extremely garbled. Couldn’t understand a word of it. Hope you are having fun – what a great adventure! Kay

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