Hilo to Honolulu

N 21° 05' W 157° 14'

Island of Moloka'i

August 24, 2008

Our third Hawaiian Island - Moloka’i - is another winner.  This island is noted for being sparcely populated and very non-tourist orientated.  We found this to be true and enjoyable.  There is really only one town, Kaunakaka’i that consists of only one main street, but the people are friendly, the weather is fine, and we found plenty of things to do.  We rented a car for two days and toured one end of the island to the other.  We enjoyed visiting a small family owned small macadamia nut farm where the owner, Tuddie Purdy educated us about mac nuts.  His trees are 75 years old and produce nuts without any fertilizer or pestisides.  Besides being reasonably priced, they were very tasty, so we bought a couple of bags.  We also picked up some good tasting coffee at the one and only coffee plantation.  We visited Halawa Bay, which is where the first Polynesians landed when they came from the south pacific; a beautiful, but isolated place.  A couple of evenings we were able to enjoy the sounds of Na Kupuna – Hawaiian Elders – at the local watering holes.

In a couple of days, we plan on moving on to a small deserted barge harbor called Lono (see map for its location).  There is nothing there, but it gets busy for the womens and mens outrigger canoe races in the end of September and early October.  The race goes 42 miles to Waikiki Beach across a usually very boisterous channel.  From Lono we will cross the same channel to Honolulu and look for a place to park the boat for a month or so.

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