BVI Fall 2008

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The Motley Crew

July 25, 2008

Thought it would only be fair to introduce the crew and their assigned duties and snorkel gear.

Randy, would be captain. In the evenings he’ll plot, during the morning he’ll drive – in between he’ll snorkel till his fingers are shriveled. Black fins, no noodle

Debbie, first mate in all my life journeys since 1976. This cutie will be a lookout for coral heads and shoals. – Yellow noodle

Kathy, a teacher in her past life, has agreed to be navigator and galley chief. Red noodle

Norman, her husband, is a Sudoko master and electrical engineer, so we will expect him to untangle lines and monitor the unique electrical systems aboard the Lagoon 420. Black fins, in the water last.

Becky is our language expert. She will translate the native Caribe and bargain for better deals in all the markets. Green noodle

David is a computer guru who will man the communications station and monitor the GPS. Black fins, shiny noggin.

Katey has a passion for Geo-caching so she will guide us when we are ashore and help us to discover all the treasures of the Virgins. Orange noodle.

Kevin is our manly man. As the youngest hunk aboard he will man the winches and the anchor rode when he’s not posing for pics with the ladies. Doesn’t need fins.

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reliefsailor July 29, 2008 at 04:55 AM

What a great name for our crew! Wish we had a classy picture to add… Kevin told me NOT to pack his fins!

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