BVI Fall 2008

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Bubbly Pools, Goats, and Painkillers

October 04, 2008

Debbie and I left the boat early to kayak in to Sandy Cay. We had read that it was owned by one of the Rockerfellers. When we got ashore we were surprised to find a trail lined with plants in a semi-lanscaped sort of way. The trail lead around the periphery of the small island and up to the highest point where we had a marvelous 360 view. Waves from the East crashed into a jagged shore line strewn with rocks of all sizes but only two colors – the black ones of volcanic origin and white ones from the coral. We named it Salt n Pepper beach and found several keeper pieces which were speckled with red coral. We made one mistake – we followed the trail back down through the interior of the island and found the swampy areas breeding mosquitos!

Green Cay and Little Jost’s Bubbly Pool 

Katey and Kevin took the dingy to go to Green Cay and locate another Geocache while the rest of us raised anchor and headed for Foxy’s Taboo in nearby Long Bay. We had our designs on a hike to the Bubbly Pool. We hiked a good 1/4 mile and spent a lot of time crawling over gaps in the rocky wall  looking for the pool itself.

We found a group of curious goats before walking up to the real thing – a level spot with a large clear water pool and small beach. We had begun to wonder if it would be worth the trip, but the scenery alone cinched it – another memory for those cold days of winter. It was flanked on either side by huge jet black boulders that framed a crevice where the waves slithered and gurgled in. Kevin and Katey had rejoined us and climbed up high to take in the whole scene. There was a submerged rock shaped like a chair – just the right size for one or two to rest and enjoy the refreshing ebb and flow.

Jost Van Dyke – Great Harbour 

I hustled back and brought the dingy closer to save everyone some steps and soon we were back onboard the Martha R and pulling into Great Harbour. The ladies took the dingy in for shopping, sightseeing and geocaching and Kevin tried out the snorkling along the Eastern shore. Not much to brag about. The rest of the guys were entertained by a newly arrived couple, apparently making their first attempt at anchoring. We were amused as the let out only about 10 extra feet of rode in the twenty foot depth and saw them drifting until they were almost touching the boat aft of them. It became a little less funny when they dropped anchor again, this time closer to us. As they drifted closer and closer we took in some of our extra scope to stay away, but they continued to swing closer. Fortunately the ladies returned and we spared them the embarrassment by  moving on to White Bay, our planned anchorage for the night.

White Bay 

 White Bay on JVD is recognized by the Travel Channel as one of the Top Ten Beaches in the Carribean and we were looking forward to the afternoon ashore. Entering was a little tricky because one of the marker bouys was missing, but the clear water made it easy to navigate by sight through the narrow gap in front of Soggy Dollar. We dropped anchor and rode the dingy in for some qulaity beach time.

Once in, each couple found their own entertainment. I tried my luck with the swinging ring at Soggy and found I was pretty good, ringing three out of twenty attempts. There was a small crowd sitting around and we introduced ourselves to the group from Me and the Sea. One of them had corresponded with me on TTOL and we struck up a lively discussion about the respective merits of their 440 and our 420.  The invited us to join them later for a boat tour but we never got the chance.

Katey found another cache, and everyone enjoyed walking up and down the lovely beach until it was time to get ready for supper. We had made reservations at Soggy Dollar (who knew they had four course gourmet dining after dark??). The guys dressed up in their finest dinner sandals and the ladies dug out their makeup and dolled up quite pretty. The meal was tasty, but I missed the baked potato from Potter’s. We returned to the boat (which had the lights on this time), regretting that four of us would be leaving the next morning. The night was a short one, interrupted a few times by PainKiller fueled revelry from nearby boats.  We were again glad it was the off season.


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