BVI Fall 2008

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Flash of Beauty and Loblolly

October 01, 2008

This was a really busy day so I’ll separate it into two blogs, Part one:

We rose (or at least I did) to the most spectacular sunrise of the trip. 

We had made arrangements to rent two vehicles for the day so we cleaned up breakfast and headed for the Anegada Reef Hotel office to pick them up. After a couple of wrong turns, we found our way to the northern side and Flash of Beauty Beach which we heard was a premier snorkeling location. The northern swells we had heard about on the VHF were out in force. Huge waves were crashing against the reef, creating a cauldron of sand-fogged water and rip currents.

We walked along the beach for a while hoping in vain to find a protected cove. Finally, we reloaded the little SUVs and backtracked to the turn to Loblolly. Here we found a pleasant surprise – the grounds were well maintained and Big Bamboo was open for lunch. We hustled over the blue(hot) and green(hotter) concrete walkway to the beach.  For months we had been picturing ourselves under the little palm frond umbrellas we Googled on Panoramio, so we all struck our best Lazy in Paradise pose and took pictures for the scrapbook.

The entire horizon was filled with translucent turqouise waves capped in white and spindrift as they were driven over the coral shelf and up onto a breath taking white coral sand beach. There we were alone with God enjoying the majesty of His creation! Each chose his own place and style of worship as we built memories of our own ‘Top Ten’ Carribean Beach. 

Groves of Sea Grape served as a wind break and nestled among them were several colorful hammocks which the men quickly occupied. We quinched our nap need and then helped the cooks get rid of their inventory of cheesburgers and fries.  

The women left to do a little shopping and pick up some baked goodies from Dotsy’s and the men confirmed the hammocks still worked. Next- part 2 . . .


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