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Rounding Hatteras

August 18, 2008

Last evening and early morning today were very pleasant.  We’ve had a mixture of smooth motor sailing and a little sailing without motor. When we’ve added sails, we’ve generally added a knot or two, so it has seemed a bit like sailing. It is very nice when the engine is turned off and the peacefulness of the ship becomes the most notable factor. 


Yesterday, while off the coast of North Carolina, we had a bunch of dolphins swimming in our bow wave and at one point a juvenile broke off and made two huge jumps in the air.  My girls would have loved to see that.  Then, he or she swam above the water and cackled to us, making one final small jump (I guess as a bow) and he disappeared into the sea.  This morning we had more and one of them jumped, but I didn’t see it.  We’ve probably seen 50 dolphins on the trip. 


Everyone is fine.  Besides the first day’s sea sickness, nobody has suffered.  Of course, everyone is looking forward to the next shower.  It will be three nights and part of 4 days without one.  The cabin below is quite hot in the evenings because we have to keep the ports closed so rain or splash doesn’t enter the cabin.  So, we’re getting pretty rank.  Jack and I haven’t shaved since Charleston and we look horrible.  Diana finally insisted I comb my hair yesterday.  For those of you who know my friend and employee Howie, my hair looked like his a few years ago.  He went to a stylist and spent hundreds of dollars. I just sleep on my hair and what I get, I get.


We expect to be in Glouchester Point (our actual destination) early in the morning on Wednesday.  We could make it back tonight, but we’d be coming in during the dark and we don’t know the channel yet, so we are going to wait until the a.m.  You can expect your loved one back on either Wed. night or Thursday morning. 


I’ll make one more blog entry after we’ve safely docked.  I’ll load lots of pictures once we get back and send everyone a new link to look at them all.  This blog website is too slow for loading pictures.



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mikekost August 18, 2008 at 06:46 PM

Howie is sueing for copyright on the hair. he feels that it’s only fair that you should pay something for the right to look as good as him!
Hope you get some wind for the last leg. I was out on the Chesapeake yesterday and it was glorious and quite breezy. See you on Wednesday

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