Josin 2008 Cruise

N 55° 25' E 13° 48'

To Ystad and beyond

July 31, 2008

Summer disappeared yesterday evening.

After two nights in Christiansø, and with the promise of a serious change in the weather and westerly winds, I got started early, (like 5am), and headed west. The easterly wind was weak enough to need engine-help, but after a couple of hours strengthened enough to just sail. Still bright sunshine and calm seas and a very relaxing sail, to Ystad, 55 nm in 11 hours. On the way past Kåseberga, where there is a several kilometer long cliff, about half a dozen colourful paragliders were drifting back and forth in just enough updrift to keep them from landing at the bottom. From my vantage point a mile out to sea, it looked like they had a traffic problem, but discipline and competence mut have been good enough, as they sailed slowly past each other. One went just a little bit too far to the west, where the slope was lower, and the lack of lift made him land, luckily on the top.

Nearer Ystad it was into ferry-territory again. To Bornholm, Germany, Poland at least. The gas-turbine driven mega-catamaran, Bornholm Ferries, came in, and left again while I was approaching. Gas turbines, all 90000 horsepower, engineered and delivered by my old company, Kværner Energy. It didn’t look as though it was going very fast, as it is bigger than a football pitch, but it disappeared over the horizon very quicky, almost without a sound. Eerie!

Found a nice little bit of jetty to tie up to, amongst the bigger yachts who like to leave a space between themselves, and was thus ignored. It really is remarkable how Josin’s 30 foot length is now in a size minority. Suits me!

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