Josin 2008 Cruise

N 55° 19' E 15° 11'


July 30, 2008

Hello those intrepid people who will read this blog. First attempt at a trip entry, but by no means the first place visited.

Christiansö is a small group of islands in the Baltic, the most easterly part of Denmark. Was a fortress, then a penal colony, now home to a community of about 100 people, who, amongst other things, fish, but mostly cater for tourists and boaties. Must be quiet in the winter.

Arrived here yesterday after a wonderful sail from Utklippan, a lighthouse islnd off the SE corner of Sweden. Mostly easterly wind, up to 15 knots, blew us here at record speed under mainsail and gennaker. I’m getting o know how to use that special sail, and getting quite good friends with it.

Today I’ve joined the tourists, wandering round the two main islands, looking at the sights, the view, and the gulls. Still bright sunny weather, and virtually no wind. Hot therefore!

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