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Multiple Chesapeake Bay Visitations

September 09, 2008

We stayed a couple of days in St. Michaels and got used to the convenience of the grocery stores and the other attractions but it was time to move on so we left early Wednesday morning and sailed down and around to Knapps Narrows on Tilghman Island which is on the way to Oxford.  We walked around a little and watched the draw bridge go up and down but nothing else seemed to be happening so the next day we went on down to Oxford.
We then crossed over the bay once more to Solomon Island and found a really great place to stay before moving on.
We really looked forward to our visit to Tangier Island but it was not deep enough for docking our boat and so we left in a hurry for Deltaville, Virginia and stayed there for the night.  We are working our way out of the Chesapeake Bay and are anxious to get on into the Intra Coastal Waterway below Norfolk.

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elloyd04 September 18, 2008 at 06:27 PM

Hi. I just noticed your blog, where are you headed for your final destination? My friend is hiking the appalachian trail right now and is going to be back in my area (Shepherdstown, WV) around 15 of November and he’s really looking to find a sail boat to hook up with and catch down to Florida for the winter. Any chance you have some suggestions or would need another helping hand on your boat?

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