British, US and Spanish Virgin Islands

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Day 5, December 9

December 09, 2006

It appears, that our battery is draining faster then we prefer. The autopilot needs to be fully charged to work.

Since a super charge isn’t feasible when out cruising, we decided we can survive without the autopilot. For the rest of the trip, we only used the autopilot when the motor was running.

Dingied to Great Harbor and bought ice and pencils and breakfast muffins. Had our first customs experience by checking out of BVI. If we leave BVI on Saturday, there is no need to check back to recheck out. If we stay Saturday, then a re check out is needed.

Questions asked “passengers, food, garbage?” Seems the food and garbage was a big deal. Passengers didn’t affect us; however, passengers is a big deal for boats going from or to US with passengers. Our papers said we must not remove the food or garbage in USVI but bring back to BVI.

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