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Slightly Stoopid...

May 27, 2008

So after months of listening to pessimistic people tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t buy a sailboat at the age of 19, I did exactly what any rebellious 19 year old would do… I bought the boat. Will it work out how I want it to, who knows? But I do know that right now, at this moment, I HAD to buy the boat and no matter what the outcome is, I will not ever regret that decision.  Everyone has a time in life, a defining moment if you will, when you are faced with a life altering decision and while it may just be a boat to onlookers, I needed it in my life right now.

I tried the typical go off and get your college degree thing because that is what you are SUPPOSED to do at my age, right? That is what society tells us to do at least. Three and a half semesters later, though, I need a break.  Will I go back to school… maybe, but right now I really do not even care what happens with that.  I live for the moment and that is all.  I do not care about the past nor the future.  And right now the lure of the sea is too great.

 With virtually no real sailing experience and a lack of overall common sense, this will not be the easiest task to take on, but I am going to partake on this journey wherever it may take me.  I will be beginning restoration of the boat this week and if all goes well I will be ready to begin my sail through the Caribbean by next winter.  I will keep you updated as often as possible and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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