Realizing the dream

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Bloemfontein to Amanzimtoti

May 30, 2008

In 1990 we moved to Amanzimtoti to be close to a harbor so that we would be able to get involved with sailing and to start doing some much needed sailing courses. At the beginning of 1991 we did our first sailing course (Yacht hand) with "Sailing Academy" in Durban.When the new government took over in South Africa in 1994 many white men lost their jobs or was retrenched. Unfortunately I was one of them for I was a teacher working for the government. We had to move back to Bloemfontein and the dream game to an abrupt end.We had to start a new live and make a living so even the armchair sailing was something of the past.During 2003 I fell very ill with an unknown virus. I were fortunate enough to come through that and decided, after reading a sailing magazine which my wife bought me, that we will GO for it, come hell or high water.So we started our venture of searching for the perfect yacht.By this time we have already decided that we would only do this (living on a yacht and travel around the world) on a catamaran

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