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Transient Dockage

April 11, 2008

The Google satellite photo is a little old, it doesn’t show the new dock where we tied-up.  We had a delicous boatmade dinner and then enjoyed some hand dipped ice cream in one of the marina’s many store fronts.


I thought the dockage fee was pretty steep at $2/ft, but the docks are new and nice, and the staff is very friendly.  They were understaffed and no one was there to help us tie-up, but Randy later came down to check on us while we were making dinner.  Just prior to his arrival we had discovered there was no cork screw to go with our two bottles of wine, and we asked him if there was somewhere to buy one.  He reappeared momentarily with a cork screw complimets of the marina, and rightfully admonised us for not having one on the boat.    

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thehoodhouse April 11, 2008 at 07:09 PM

Wow! Thought I’d check in and loved the posts. I way prefer sailing in this way “alongside” you as opposed to the real thing! ;o)Sounds like you are spending some good quality time together. Have fun!

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