Norfolk to Smithfield

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Cold Front catches us

April 12, 2008

The cold front finally caught us, winds 25+ and blowing rain.  The girls were below working on a puzzle while we surfed downwind.  As we approached the Monitor-Merrimack Bridge Tunnel…


(ASIDE: Merrimack?  Really?  Would Monitor-Virginia Bridge Tunnel have been just too confusing for the folks of Hampton Roads?  Revisionist history.  I’ve never been one to say the south will rise again, but I do believe in naval tradition, and the commissioned name of that warship was CSS Virginia.)


 So at the place of the famous Ironclad battle there now lies a bridge-tunnel which creates a deep channel and water funnel over the tunnel.  Today it was 2 billion cubic feet of water moving at about 2 knots versus a 25 knot wind.  This made for 4-5 foot rollers and some slow going for us.  The boat plowed through with a little dutch roll, but you most certainly would not want to be below decks working on a puzzle.


The waypoint marks where Gwyneth lost her lunch.  She was fine after that though. 


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