Cool Breeze does the Chesapeake

N 37° 42' W 75° 44'

June 16th

June 17, 2008

We left Mill Creek around 9:00 and headed back across the Bay to the Eastern Shore.  Again, we were able to sail for periods without the motor, but for the sake of time, we motored sailed about half the time.  The Bay was being kind and gentle with 1 foot seas and a 10 knot wind.  One thing we’ve learned about sailing on the Chesapeake is that the weather can be very changeable at the drop of a hat.  We had almost decided not to cross the Bay to Onacock because there were small craft warnings for Solomons, MD, but south of Solomons called for 1 foot seas and favorable winds.  After listening to the NOAA forecast, we headed across.  At one point, we could not see either the western or eastern shore, though Tangiers Island was visible to our north.  This was a far calmer crossing that we had we went to Crisfield from Mill Creek.  The route into Onnacock was full of twists and turns and must have taken us an hour to traverse.  We started at Green Marker 1 and finally made our way to Green Marker 37!  We had a fairly easy docking at Onnacock Wharf Marina right in the middle of downtown Onnacock.  On our way over, I had my cell phone plugged into our inverter, and whether the starting and stopping of the motor or the malfunction of charger, my cell phone became as hot as a pistol and shut off.  I think it is completely fried!  Anyway, it doesn’t work AT ALL, and Bill’s cell phone battery is also shot.  His phone will only work when it is plugged into the AC plug, which limits its access to the salon.  Thankfully, we do still have his phone and we do have our air card so we can get e-mail.

 After docking, we strolled into town and poked around in various shops including a hardware store established in 1903.  I think they still had some of the original inventory!  We picked out a place for dinner and headed back to the boat for cocktails and showers.  But, only after Bill had a falling out with the Dutchman flaking system on our main sail.  When I was returning from my shower Bill was helping a motor yacht dock next to us.  Fellow South Carolinians, Libba and Andy from Mt. Pleasant, SC, joined us at the dock.  We watched an approaching storm, and decided we really didn’t have the time or inclination to walk into town, so we raced to the dock-side restaurant for dinner.  As we were seated and ordering drinks, Libba and Andy came in, just a wee bit wet from the rain.  We invited them to join us and we had a great time talking and watching the storm roll through.  Libba was a school teacher (my kind of gal) and Andy was an orthopedic surgeon.  Again, we felt an immediate bond with them and exchanged stories from our life histories.  We hope we will eventually meet up again, whether en route to SC, in Charleston or in Hilton Head.

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