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  • homesteader wrote into Tregoning's guestbook for Panama to the Galapagos 2011 March 31, 2011

    Keep on keeping on….love the blog…the envy level raises at every readind….friends from Oregon are sailing around Vancouver Island this summmer and asked us to joing them..Maybe we could meet up….best to you both…g
  • homesteader added a comment to Tregoning's blog post. November 04, 2010

    Reminds me of a memory. I used to spend a lot of time at Scammons Lagoon in central Baja….in an earlier life. We had found an island that could be reached over the sand at low tide and never got inundated… could hear the Grey Whales, when the tide was high, 360 deg. around. Amazing sounds…good sailing for you…best and abrazos…g
  • homesteader added a comment to Tregoning's blog post. September 14, 2010

    Living off the grid, I know the angst of low batteries. In spite of all the advances in the other parts of the systems, Lead Acid still seems to be the best there is…as least in the bang for the buck….just keep em charged for a few weeks…unless they are old they will be fine……g in shandon….besitos y abrazos
  • homesteader added a comment to Tregoning's blog post. September 10, 2010

    Hello Sailors,Glad to hear that you are back on the waves. I had a malpaso that you might just stay in Americana and let the boat rot on the shore but am enthuisasticaly supporting the fact that I was wrong.Linda and I just got back from 3 weeks in Turkey…our second trip. An amazing time with 6 good friends who share our enthusiasm for food and grog. We did spend 7days on a 62’ boat in the Agean…quite a restful experience. Crewed, with Captian, Sailor, and COOK. The daily routine was eat, sleep, eat, swim, drink, eat, sleep….you get the picture. It was a sloop rigged traditional boat called a gullet and we never got into wind. Am not sure that there were even sails under the wraps..Come to California and we will bore you with photos. We have already seen yours…but would love to have the narration.Be thee both of good cheer…g
  • homesteader wrote into Tregoning's guestbook for Pacific Costa Rica (and more Panama) 2010 July 12, 2010

    Maybe we will hook up with you when you are headed south in Mexico next year? Glad to hear that all is well..greg

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